2 | How It All Started

Three years ago, I was sitting at my freshman convocation under the burning sun in the Redwood Grove. After hearing a couple of full staff members of the institution speak, a very well dressed student came on the microphone and started to talk about his experience as a Gael and his involvement. He then revealed that he was the Associated Students President. This caught my attention and inspired me to run for Senate. A month later, after a lot of campaigning and multiple conversations with fellow classmates that I did not know at the time, I became the Freshman Class Chair. This position opened countless doors for me which eventually led me to achieving the goal I set for myself that day sitting in the Grove listening. The goal of becoming the Associated Students President three years later and address the First Year Class of 2019 at their convocation.

On August 28th, 2015, my dream became a reality and I addressed the Class of 2019 as their Student Body President. From that moment until now, countless experiences and opportunities have happened and will be described through my blog posts, so keep up!

-20150828_Serrano_AS Pics_9770



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