4 | Keeping The Balance

As the semester is now officially halfway over, I find myself struggling to keep the balance between the important things in my life such as family, my girlfriend, schoolwork, AS work, friends, club soccer, Sodexo work, and any non SMC related activities.

Leading up to this week full of tests and deadlines for both AS and my classes, I was hesitant and nervous to see how I would balance the two. I enjoy doing AS work a lot, it is my passion and it is something I want to take full advantage of and leave a legacy in the short year I am in office. At the same time, schoolwork is a priority and important for me to keep a high GPA and graduate with a double major.

Now that I have taken all my exams and have done most of the AS work I was planning on doing before the weekend, I actually feel pretty great about the balance I have kept between the two. I am looking forward to receive my mid term results after a well needed break. I keep telling myself that I will catch up on all the work I have yet to do over the break but I know I am in need of catching up on other things such as spending time with my family, girlfriend, and friends.

Check the future posts to see how I actually did on these midterms!



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