5 | Assigning Committees

Part of my job as President of the Associated Students is to oversee the school wide committee assignments. Each senator of the Legislative Branch of the AS is required to be on a committee as the student representative and being the student voice. Each senator will then make an extensive committee report at our Committee of the Whole Senate Meetings. Now you might be wondering, how does each senator get assigned a committee?

Well, let me tell you, this is not an easy process, especially because there is no previous set structure so I decided to go about it my own way. At our senate retreat, I had each senator write down their top 5 committee interests after having a review session on all the campus wide committees. From there, I had to make decisions on which senators would be assigned to which committees based on the student demand and interest for each committee. This had to be done first because it was the beginning of the year and the only time all senators would be together in one place. This took a couple of days but I finally figured it out. The next step was to contact the committee chairs of the many committees. Each chair informed me of their meeting times and how many students the committee requires. Then, I had to contact the members of the committees that I am in charge of leading such as the Financial Aid Committee, Food Committee, International Community Committee (ICC), Library Committee, Moraga Liaison Committee (MLC), Public Safety Committee, and Vice Provost for Academics Committee (VPAC). This took a lot of organizing people into time slots for meeting times which is the hardest job of all because at Saint Mary’s, every student leader is involved in many other things which spread them thin. I am in the finishing steps of finalizing committee assignments and plan to have it all figured out by the end of next week.



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