6 | Getting My Hands Dirty

After a week full of committee preparation and lots of exchanging of emails, I was able to take a step back from the computer and get my hands dirty by attending some meetings myself and start preparing for a busy week ahead.

The Commencement Steering Committee met where we talked about the details of graduation which is coming up on May 21st. This year, the ceremony will be televised so family members across the world or people who are unable to make it to the SMC stadium are able to watch the ceremony from the comfort of their homes. We also talked about the tradition of passing out gifts to all the graduating seniors at the Graduating Mass the day before the graduation. As the student representative, I challenged the idea as many students would be unable to attend the mass due to religious beliefs or conflicting schedules. I like the idea due to the free gift I will receive in the spring, at the same time I would like Saint Mary’s to follow the inclusive attitude that is engrained in our core values.

I also had our first “Chairs Meeting” where I get together each of the four chairs of each senate class so we can discuss the upcoming Senate Meeting and share how each class senate is doing. I encourage the chairs to share as much as they can and to get their heads together and come up with implementable ideas to carry out during their ext meeting or class event. Issues that arise are the chemistry of each class senate and how each member feels during their weekly meetings. I encourage them each to stay neutral and always place themselves on the shoes of the others. We’ll see how the rest of the meetings turn out, I am confident that they are beneficial to the success of each senate class.

And lastly, today I am preparing a lot for our upcoming AS Community Day and AS Day!
AS Community Day is on Sunday and it is an opportunity for the four branches of the Associated Students to get together, bond, and find out how we can help on e another reach our goals.
AS Day is on Wednesday and it a day where we encourage all of the Saint Mary’s Community to dress up in their favorite SMC apparel and enjoy free food and activities that the Associated Students will set up on the SIL garden. This is an event that  have put a lot of effort towards and I hope it is a success because one of my goals is to increase the visibility of the Associated Students around campus and I think this will do it!

Here is a rough draft of what the set up will look like next Wednesday… I guess I can draw?



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