7 | AS Visibility

A week ago, I was on here I was stressing and preparing for AS Community Day and AS Day…

Today, I am so happy about the result and already looking forward to the Spring AS Day!

AS Community Day
Initially, I was not as satisfied with the result of the day because we ran out of time and were not able to get to our whole agenda, but as the members provided feedback, I was able to shift my mentality on the result. Is was a four hour retreat based event where teach of the four branches of the Associated Students got together to share goals and see how we could help each other. The last 30 minutes were spent preparing for the big upcoming day, AS Day.


AS Day
For AS Day, I had an idea to encourage every member of the Saint Mary’s community to dress up in their favorite SMC apparel to promote Gael spirit and help build a stronger sense of community around campus. In addition to the campus wide one day initiative, we had an event in the now ‘SIL Garden’ where each class senate and each branch had their own table offering food for the students and explaining what we do on campus in addition to listening to their comments and concerns. We also had Spikeball and Corn Hole going on the side of the garden. And finally, what I think brought most of the students, was the recently revamped Gael Mascot that made a surprise appearance! It was a surprise for the students but I had been in contact with the athletics department for a week trying to get it to make an appearance which really improved the environment of the event. Multiple pictures were taken with the mascot and of the whole event which can be seen here!

A couple of Instagram posts recapping the event:

This is the poster we used to advertise the event:



Safety Walk
This week I also participated in our annual safety walk where administration, staff, and students walk around campus identifying safety and security issues that need to be addressed. Many things came up from trimming trees to replacing lightbulbs to adding curb cuts to installing accent lighting to much more. That list will be brought up at the next Public Safety Committee which I am in charge of.




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