8 | “I have a meeting…”

“Why are you dressed up?”

“Where are you rushing to?”

“What are you doing today?”

These are the questions I get multiple times a week by friends that I se around campus and my response to them 90% of the time is, “I have a meeting…” And this week I realized how accurate this is in my life as I had  11 AS related meetings this week. Don’t believe me? Check my calendar below… I’ll take this moment to disclose that I completely rely on my computer/phone calendar to tell me what I am doing that day. I can surely say it is one of my top 3 used apps on my phone.

My meeting this week include:

  • President Donahue
    • This meeting was actually cancelled last minute due to a conflict the president of the college, President Donahue, was faced with prior to his meeting with the executive team of the AS. We are looking to reschedule for the Spring as getting a time to coincide with our 4 busy schedules was almost impossible.
  • Exec Meeting
    • This is a weekly meeting with the exec team (Ete Anderson- Assistant Dean of Student Life, Ryan Chun- Executive Intern, Bridget Lanigan- VP for Finance, Shanel Singh- VP for Student Organizations, and Diego J. Ríos- President) to stay on the same page and talk about how we can help one another complete our tasks.
  • Ete 1:1
    • Ete, my advisor, and I meet once a week to catch up on AS work related things as well as life such as holiday celebrations, what to wear in China in the winter, my holiday socks that are not in season yet, and much more.
  • Diego/ Evette
    • This is my monthly check in meeting with the Dean of Students, Evette Castillo Clarke. Most of our conversations are around the student experience and what we are doing to make it the best it can be.
  • VPAC Meeting
    • The Vice Provost for Academics Committee is comprised of the Vice Provost for Academics- Richard Carp, three senators and myself. I head this committee and figure out the times to meet in collaboration with VP Carp’s assistant, holy cow it’s hard to find a time that works for everyone to meet. We talk about the student’s academic experience and provide VP Carp with the insight he doesn’t get due to his limited interaction with students.
  • Public Safety Committee
    • This Committee meets with Chief of Public Safety, some senators, students at large and myself. I also head this committee and we talk about safety and security issues around campus, especially topics that came from the Safety Walk last week.
  • International Community Committee
    • This is another committee I run. This one includes Tim Yoon- International Student & Scholar Advisor, a couple senators, and some international students. This committee came about thanks to the resolution that was passed last spring in regards to showing more support towards the international community on campus.
  • Diego/Beth
    • This is my by-monthly check in with the Provost of the college, Bethamin Dobkin. We talk about multiple things around campus but most importantly, we get to know each other and share points of advise (mostly she shares wisdom with me). I look forward to these meetings due to the insightful conversations we have.
  • State of AS
    • This is a meeting with the heads of each branch of the AS. Marysela Padilla- CAB Director, Deena Flores- Chief Justice, and I get together to talk about the ways we can unite our branches and increase the visibility of the AS.
  • Food Committee
    • This is a committee that I started back up this year as I am also the Marketing Intern of Sodexo, our dining service provider. This committee includes Matt Carroll- General Manager of Sodexo, Serafina Rosales- Sodexo Marketing Coordinator, two senators, and myself. We give the Sodexo administration a students perspective on the food, experience, and serve of Sodexo.
  • Senate Meeting
    • This is our by-monthly Committee of the Whole Senate Meeting where all senators are required to attend. The agenda for these meetings includes: public forum, docket for resolutions and presentations, committee reports, class reports new business, general announcements, and closing business.
  • Moraga Liaison Committee
    • This meeting is not reflected on the calendar but it is scheduled for Monday at 1pm. I also run this committee and was definitely the hardest to schedule due to its participants. Members include: Tim Farley- Director of Community and Government Relations, Megan Karbley- Director of Community Life, Kathe Nelson- Moraga Chamber of Commerce President, Ellen Beans- Moraga Community Faire Coordinator, Edy Schwartz- active Moraga resident, senators, students at large, and myself. I am very passionate about this committee as my vision for my year as president is to strengthen the relationship with the ton of Moraga.

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 4.59.15 PM


At the same time, I am looking forward to this weekend for any reasons!
Tomorrow I will be a breakout session leader for the “Leadership for Social Justice Conference- Living Truths: Migrating Voices” where I will get a chance to lead a discussion round immigration into the United States and also meet the Poet Laureate of the United States- Juan Felipe Herrera. I will also get to celebrate my girlfriend’s 20th birthday which I a super excited about because I do not get to see her often as she attends UC Davis. And lastly, I will be playing in my last soccer game of the fall as we face Sonoma State and play for the league title!



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