10 | Stress

The semester is coming to a close and let me tell you, it is quite difficult to balance the life of a student and the life of a dedicated and passionate student body president.

This post is fairly short, as I have a lot of studying to do but just wanted to write about the way we show stress for a bit.

I am a person who gets stressed, just like anyone in this world. But, the difference between you and I is how we show our stress. There are people out there who show their stress and externalize it though the things they say or their facial expressions. On the other hand I am a person who internalizes stress and does not show it easily. So when people see me around campus with my smile and positive attitude, many times they ask how I am not stressed. I am. Quite a bit actually. But I prefer to have a positive attitude and keep a smile on my face to avoid facing my stress and to hopefully cheer up those around me.

Here is an infographic about stress, or you can see more here!


Keep on smiling and good luck on finals next week!



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