12 | The Journey Begins✈️

TRAVEL DAY | January 10-11

Our journey begins! The goodbyes were hard and the lines were long, but now we’re about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime where the bonds we’ll make will be more than strong. 💪

All 20 students and Professor Zhang met at San Francisco International Airport at 8:30am and said our goodbyes to families and friends. I was happy to be able to say goodbye to my girlfriend one last time as she surprised me that morning all the way from Davis!💕

Once we went through security, we had until 11am to board the plane so some of us went to the bar (Chris’ idea).🍸


Before boarding, we made some commotion and took a group picture of the 21 of us!📸  

Aboard the flight, we had to walk all the way to the back of the plane where we realized we will be taken very good care of. (Don’t worry parents!)🛫  

We were given a blanket, slippers, headphones, water, and a toothbrush!👡🎧  

We were then given a very satisfying and traditional Korean meal: Bibimbap😋🍲

But… How do we eat this complex meal?! I guess they saw that we were confused so they gave us instructions… Katy, Melanie and I took them very seriously, specially the second step.😳🔥  

Then we were fed again, this time it was Chicken!  

After a couple hours of sleep and some “Learning Korean” lessons and watching the movie, “Northern Limit Line,” which evoked some tears, we have landed in Seoul in the number 1 ranked airport in the world- Incheon International Airport. We’re here 2 hours and then head to Beijing so we’re going to take this opportunity to explore this massive airport!🛬

Thank you for reading, we look forward to your comments!⬇️


P.S. Our internet connection will be scattered these weeks, so posts might be delayed.


4 thoughts on “12 | The Journey Begins✈️

  1. Love the updates and pictures!!!😍👏🏼👌🏼
    Hope the food was a great start to your journey, had fun at the highly ranked airport, and got to Beijing safely!!
    Can’t wait to keep up with the blog!💕


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