13 | We are in… BEIJING!🇨🇳

TRAVEL DAY | January 10-11 Cont.

The Incheon Airport was amazing!✈️ Filled with people, duty free stores, massage parlor, free showers, prayer rooms, sleeping rooms, food courts, kids playzone, hotels and much more! An hour was not enough to explore.⏱IMG_2414

We landed in Beijing at around 8:30pm on Monday January 11 and were struck by the freezing weather!🛬🇨🇳 It was a challenge to fit all our belongings on the bus. The luggage was practically on top of our laps as the trunk could only fit half our bags.👜

As we arrived to our rooms, we were welcomed by bags with goodies, waters, a carnation on our beds, Chinese sandals, and a strange bathroom.🚿


DAY 1 | January 12

Brent and I had a strange wake up call on Tuesday, January 12. A very melodic sound was playing for about 10 minutes until finally Brent grabbed my vibrating phone and told me to wake up. I looked out the window and noted it was very dark for 7:30am. After some sleep talking with each other, we realized my phone was still on Korea time so it was actually 6:30am…⏰

We all then went to an authentic Chinese breakfast at the college’s dinning hall.😋

Then we took a brief campus tour and made our way to Walmart which had an overwhelming stroke of red decor and red Walmart logos which is due to the Chinese tradition of red meaning good luck. I bought two exotic fruits to share with everyone and a pollution mask, I might go back later this week for some cool shoes that caught my eye, should I get them?!🍈😷👞IMG_2473

Then we met CUEB representatives Jim and Grace over lunch at Annie’s Restoirante Italiano.🍝

Then we changed into business apparel and went to “YanJing Brewery Company” for our first company visit of the trip. We got a tour of the facilities and ended with a brief taste of their product.👔👗🍻


We then took an hour bus ride across Beijing back to CUEB where we had dinner at the dinning hall.🚌

We then attended our official welcome ceremony where the Deane addressed us, we witnessed two wonderful traditional performances from CUEB students and were educated on the CUEB campus and on the pollution epidemic in Beijing.👘🎉


The jet-lag started to hit some of us so we went back to the dorm and relaxed for a bit. Some went straight to bed, others went to 7/11, and I finalized this post.📲

This whole day I have been thinking of how grateful I am to have been given this opportunity and how crazy it is that I am walking the streets of BEIJING, CHINA!🇨🇳 I am looking forward to embrace the culture even more and to keep learning as many words as possible. Anytime I get a chance, I ask our professor or our CUEB liaison, Sarah, how to say words such as “you’re welcome” or how to pronounce fruits or objects we see. My memory is not the best so I try to relate each word to something in my life. For example, “excuse me” is JieWo (at least that how it sounds in my head). I now remembered it by connecting Jie to Jet as I “jet” by a person, and therefore they will say “Woah!” So, “excuse me”: “JieWo”.




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