14 | Classes Have Begun💼

DAY 2 | January 13

Food is of abundance here and the dining hall was a lot more full than yesterday! We are fed very well during every meal, don’t worry parents!🍽IMG_2580IMG_2591

Then we were off to our first official class here at Capitol University of Economics and Business (CUEB).💼IMG_2626IMG_2469

First lecture was titled, Business in China, taught by Dr. Grace Zhang who talked about the history of China, the 23 provinces, the government structure, the culture, the sports, the festivals, the medicine, the traditional costumes, and finally elaborated on “KFC” in China and how successful it has become (which we saw later).🇨🇳IMG_2584IMG_2631

After another satisfy lunch, the second lecture was titled “Traditional Chinese Culture” and taught by Shen Liran. He talked about Hangzhou’s history and explained Chinese characters. It was an entertaining classes we were all trying to decipher what in the world he was trying to say…🈶🈚️🈸㊗️㊙️🈲🈵🈹🉐IMG_2592IMG_2597

Our third lecture was taught by Howard and it was titled, “Taichi & Taichi-chuan”. It was very interactive as we tried multiple Taiji poses and exercises and hear an elaborated explanation of the famous Yin-Yang. It seems like I was the one who assumed the squatting Taiji position for the longest to the point where I couldn’t feel my legs…🙇💪IMG_2601IMG_2600.jpgIMG_2612IMG_2617

After the Taiji class, we had an hour to head to dinner. Everyone went back to the room to sleep and relax but I took the opportunity to go for a run on the track around the soccer field. Once I arrived on the field, a man was playing soccer by myself and I used gestures to ask if I could join him. We had very limited conversations with our hands and some words, but while we were passing the ball and running on the field, language was not a barrier any longer, we were speaking fútbol. We took a selfie and I gave him my card so hopefully our paths connect in the future.⚽️IMG_2590IMG_7555

Then I rushed back to change and take a scenic walk to dinner where we had the famous and delicious Beijing Duck and a special orange bass which we all loved.🏙😋IMG_2629IMG_2632IMG_2646IMG_2649IMG_2648

After the satisfying and fancy dinner, we hit the town! We split into three groups, one in taxi, one in bus, and one on an Uber. I was in the co pilot seat on the Uber and by the end of the ride was signing to Chinese music with him. I also gave him my card so who knows where we will meet again! We were dropped of in front of the soccer stadium of Beijing which was tuned into a go cart race track for the season.🏎IMG_2666IMG_2677

Then we met up with the rest of the group and walked into a cool bar that was super inviting due to the COLOMBIAN MUSIC that was playing out the door! We enjoyed the evening and got to know each other a bit better.🎧💃IMG_2679IMG_2684

The highlight of my day was being able to play the sport I love in soccer field surrounded by buildings in the capital of the largest country on the planet with a person I had never met in my life and could only use our common interest for soccer to communicate.

Thank you for the comments and the strong following! What else would you like to see? Comment below!




3 thoughts on “14 | Classes Have Begun💼

  1. I love this day by day description!! Thanks for the time and thought you give to this cool communication. I hope my granddaughter does something like this. She’s to be in Australia for 4 months with the Lewis and Clark program.


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