16 | Crickets in Hutong

DAY 4 | January 15

Breakfast consisted of most of us making last minute preparations for our presentations on Alibaba. We all did a great job and our professor praised our work.   

 We were then off to a quick lunch at the dining hall and then on our way to a tour of Hutong, a small, tranquil and historic neighborhood in Beijing. We made our way into a man’s home where we realized he was very hospitable and… Crazy!   

We call him, the cricket man. He used to be a Cricket fighting professional. He showed us many pictures with famous people and of his past as a cricket fighting champion.       
At the end, as I was the last one walking out of his home, he took me back to take this majestic picture. 
From there, we mounted bikes that took us around Hutong and into a square surrounded by temples.IMG_2939IMG_2945IMG_2947IMG_2949
At the plaza we were free to try traditional Chinese activities such as Shadow cock: Tī jiàn, Chinese Yo-yo: kōng zhú, and rolling a ring: gûn quān.     
After an eventful and fun time in Hutong, we returned to the dinning hall to learn how to make Dumplings which we ate during dinner. I made these, what do you think?       
From there we took off to our social gathering with Chinese CUEB students whom we got a chance to talk to and exchange gifts with. I gave some of them Associated Students of SMC post-its and beach balls. They were kind enough to to give me two sets of postcards.           
On our way back to the rooms, we ran into some Korean students who are living in the same building. We convinced them to hang out with us for the evening. We walked to 7/11 and got some snacks, then sat down at a tea house and had great conversations and made new friendships.     
This evening and the conversations we had has been one of my favorite moments of the trip so far. Hopefully we stay in touch and we are planning to meet up again!




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