18 | Time to explore

DAY 6 | January 17

Today we had a white morning as we woke up to a couple centimeters of snow!

To start the day right, we began with our last class of TaiChi from Howard after breakfast.  IMG_7596IMG_3185IMG_3187IMG_3190

Then we visited the historic Tiananmen Square. It is encouraged not to talk about the events that happened here with the local Chinese people as it is a very sensitive subject that it is not taught or explained in their society. In the square, local people like taking pictures with foreigners as they might be the first non Asian person they ever see!    
From there we went to a nearby restaurant where the chef used to cook for chairman Mao.  IMG_3230IMG_3232From there, we walked to the Forbidden City! I will let pictures explain this visit:  

I also managed to take a picture by the tree of love 💕  We then walked to the top of a mountain and got the Birdseye view of Beijing. I saw buildings and more buildings in every direction as far as the eye can see.     
We then headed back to change into business casual apparel in preparation for our closing ceremony. It was decorated nicely with pizza and snacks. Grace, Sarah, and Rain put together a nice slideshow for us which made me so grateful for the experience and made me sad to say goodbye to them and to Beijing.IMG_3310IMG_3320IMG_3321IMG_3323

We were each called and given our certificate from CUEB.   

When I thought the ceremony was over, Grace called me up and they presented a special gift to me in appreciation for all my help and enthusiasm this past week.     

After that, I encouraged a couple people to go go-karting on our last night in Beijing before we go to Hangzhao. We got off the taxi and bought our group tickets. It was such a fun night! First we did all guys, then all girls, and the last one anyone who wanted to go again. I got second the first round and first the last round!IMG_3406IMG_3404IMG_3386IMG_3377IMG_3339IMG_3330

Then off to bed at 12:30am with a 6am wake up call the next morning.




2 thoughts on “18 | Time to explore

  1. Can’t tell you how much I look forward to reading each episode of your journey. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and the way you put the photos and text together is just great!!


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