19 | Off to Hangzhou

DAY 7 | January 18

It was very dark at 6:30am, but that didn’t mean that the streets wouldn’t be packed with cars by 7am! Today we head to Hangzhou for 3 days to enjoy the scenic city with our second professor who finally arrived last night, Professor Yung Lee.
We made it to the train terminal which looked more like an airport! 

  We met our tour guide, David who gave us a detailed explanation of the history of Hangzhou. img_9819

We learned that the man made Grand Canal is longest canal in the world going from Beijing to Hangzhao. The canal was built by workers that were put through very hard conditions, so the men started cutting off their 3 main fingers so they were not able to work in the canal therefore useless to the government as they couldn’t grab a shovel. They were called, “The Fortune Fingers”. These people eventually rebelled against the government by tying sharp bamboo sticks to their Fortune Finger hands.

The international G20 conference is happening here this September, therefore there is constant remodeling all over the city.

In 13th century, it had more than 500,000 population. Marco Polo wrote in his notes that Hangzhao was the most beautiful city in the world. 

Hangzhou also has the largest biking rental system in the world with more than 4,000 bikes in multiple rental stations around the city.

The Yellow Dragoon Park is where parents like today up their sons and daughters on blind dates. Nearby is also the athlete school where most of the national Chinese Olympic swimmers go to school and get trained.

Hangzhao also has a very famous lake called the West Lake which we visited.  

The lake surrounds a famous pagoda which we will visit in 2 days. 

We then had dinner at a restaurant by the lake and then we’re off to the hotel! Finally, a nice bathroom! 



This is a very beautiful city that I would really like to come see in the Spring time!

Sorry for the delay, I’m catching up on posts when I can and the spotty wifi allows!





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