20 | Hangzhou: The Experience 

Day 8 | January 19

Started the day at 8am with a continental buffet breakfast in the hotel. 

We made our way to the Chinese National Tea Museum where we learned about the history, methods, tea farming, tea culture, meaning of tea, and much more! 


 From there we went to the second oldest Buddhist temple in China. 

We embraced the Buddhist culture as we used incense for prayer. 

We also saw monks praying. 

 Then off to lunch at yet another nice restaurant. 

 Then we visited a type of cultural and historical amusement park. 

I had some fun before we entered the park… Spot Diego: 

 Inside we encountered this obstacle course which I was crazy enough to try. If the participants don’t complete the obstacles, they would be soaked for the rest of the day. I tried all 4 obstacles, do you think I was soaked for the rest of the day or not? 

 From there we went into the main attraction, a performance showing some of the history of China through amazing choreography and special effects. 

From there we went to the shopping street in Hangzhou where Shawn and I were invited to a cup of tea by a very kind worker. We felt obliged to buy some tea after such kind service. 

Then we had dinner at a restaurant that is known for hosting prominent dignitaries. 

 After some relaxation at the hotel, some of us decided to go to a bar in downtown Hangzhou. I really enjoyed the international presence they had and the nationalities of the band that was playing. Two of them were from Colombia so we talked whenever they weren’t performing. 


We also met a Saudi Arabian guy as we played pool. He originally came to China for 2 months but has now been here for 6 years and he absolutely loves it! He recommended we travel more of China and we exchanged information. 

Great day in Hangzhou! Tomorrow we head back to Beijing after exploring this city a bit more!




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