21 | The Pagoda

Day 9 | January 20

We checked out of the hotel this morning and had our breakfast before heading to the Wet Lands Park in Hangzhou. It would’ve been very beautiful to see in the spring time but we took advantage of the visit and encountered some english speaking Chinese who mad bus try a dessert made of water and seeds.IMG_3639IMG_3640IMG_3641IMG_3643IMG_3637IMG_3638

We then took public transportation to the Pagoda we didn’t get a chance to visit our first day here. What a wonderful structure and even better view. Too bad it was a bit foggy.IMG_3652IMG_3663IMG_3667IMG_3669IMG_3670IMG_3478.jpg

Then we made our way to the train station which showed us how many people there are in China! As you can see, the recent ban on smoking has been hard to adapt to for people.IMG_3675IMG_3676IMG_3674

A McDonalds meal was necessary as we were all starving before the train ride. Professor Lee took couple of close ups of all of us on the train before taking off. I slept 5 of the 6 hours we were on the train as I was feeling bit sick. Once we got back to the dorms, we all packed as we head out for Korea tomorrow!IMG_3688IMG_3687IMG_3684IMG_3679IMG_3678IMG_3691IMG_3693IMG_3681IMG_3689IMG_3683IMG_3680


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