22 | Walking On Water on Our Last Day in China

DAY 10 | January 21

Last night, I was trying to figure out what to do today because we had it free until 3pm when we would leave for the airport. Two weeks ago, I met two Chinese people on the ski lift at Lake Tahoe and I remember them telling me I had to go to “The Summer Palace”. I was also in contact with a friend I met when I was a sophomore in high school through a leadership organization (CASC) who went to Yale and is now working in Beijing. I finally decided to go by myself to meet Aily for breakfast and then go across the city on the subway to the Summer Palace. As I mentioned to some people this plan, they wanted to take full advantage of the day and decided to come with me!

Our day started as we met outside at 7:20am to walk 15 minutes to the closest subway station. We can now say we experienced the Beijing subway during the morning rush hour and let em tell you, I have never seen anything like it! People literally pushing each other to get on and off and feeling the person next to you breathe as you wait by the door to get off the next exit. 

We finally found our way to the financial building Aily works in and met her in the lobby after using hand signals to ask people were the building was. 

 She was very kind to tell us her story of how she ended up in Beijing and then gave us a tour of her office on the 14th floor. We met her boss and co worker and they invited us to come back again! The 5 of us technically had another business visit in Beijing! 

From there we got back on the subway and began our journey towards The Summer Palace. We met these two Chinese tourists and they helped us get a student discount on our tickets. 

As we walked into the Summer Palace, it was something none of us expected. We walked through many beautiful temples and finally saw the humongous lake covered by ice which we had seen in pictures but weren’t sure if it would be frozen or not. We then rented sleds which allowed us to have a great time on the lake. 

 We then explored the summer palace view. 

 After the subway ride back to campus, we stopped for some KFC where I used my last Yuan bill. We said goodbye and it was specially hard for me as I had gotten close to their staff. I even gifted my hat to Grace as she was always complementing it. 

We then took the bus to the airport and left for Seoul! I took our time in the airport to update the blog and we even got fed on the plane!



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