23 | Welcome to Seoul, South Korea

DAY 11 | January 22

Today began in Seoul, South Korea as we attended the welcoming ceremony at Chung-Ang University.IMG_3842

We were given a booklet with all the information we need.IMG_3844

We found out that some of the students leading our winter program actually visited Saint Mary’s College this past summer and had a great time!IMG_3849

They even gave us each a CAU sweater!IMG_3855

From there we went to lunch and toured the campus a bit.IMG_3858IMG_3859IMG_3862IMG_3860IMG_3861

Than we had our first lecture on the Demilitarized Sone (DMZ) which we will visit tomorrow! Professor Chang-Hwan Kim specialized on the DMZ and gave us a lecture on the past, present, and future of the boarder between South Korea and North Korea.IMG_3866IMG_3875

He asked for question and I had a burning question about the Bonifas park named after Arthur Bonifas was I know a family that knows his wife! He was impressed by the question and gifted me a book he helped write about the DMZ called, “Whispers of the DMZ”.IMG_3888

We then had a lecture on the Korean language, way easier than Chinese but we are so used to Mandarin now it will be hard to transition!IMG_3892IMG_3895IMG_3897IMG_3900

We then returned to the dorms for a bit, they are very nice! I guess they don’t like door to the sink are of the bathroom… And we also need to take our shoes off before entering the room. Also, to save energy, we need to insert our room card to be able to use the lights in the room.IMG_3901IMG_3902IMG_3903IMG_3904

We then went out to an Italian dinner where we met more Korean students and some that attended SMC this past summer! 

 After, some of us played pool and then met up with the group later in the night. 

Great first day in Seoul and looking forward to the rest!


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