25 | Dongdaemun Design Plaza

DAY 13 | January 24

Today we have most of the day free, except for dinner. Shawn, Zoe, Jaeann and I met at 10am as we took off on our adventure to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). We followed a phone picture of a google map to guide us towards the closest subway station. We asked for directions quite a bit an most of the people we asked spoke English. Shawn really immersed himself in the Korean Subway experience as he lent his shoulder to the locals for them to rest.IMG_4037IMG_4038

After a long transfer walk from line 4 to line 9 , we finally arrived to the DDP.IMG_4042IMG_4044

The DDP is a very modern building full of cool art stores and a lot of interactive opportunities. I saw Colombian artist, Botero’s paintings in a store!IMG_4045IMG_4047IMG_4048IMG_4049IMG_4054

We saw this 3D printing station that used 100 cameras to capture a 360 degree picture of you and then make a little you! The Colombian consulate in Seoul visited it not too long ago. IMG_4055IMG_4057IMG_4059

The design of the plaza is very modern and futuristic. We can imagine designers and artists walking the plaza for inspiration.IMG_4062IMG_4064IMG_4066IMG_4067IMG_4069

We took advantage of the interactive opportunities because we had a lot of time until dinner. But seeing the whole plaza took way longer than we thought.IMG_4070IMG_4072IMG_4074IMG_4077IMG_4079IMG_4082

We then moved tithe underground shopping connected to the DDP and had some delicious Korean lunch and dessert.IMG_4084IMG_4085IMG_4086IMG_4087

We then walked across the street to the Nike and Adidas stores to get a better view and picture of the DDP and to look for a Korean soccer jersey which I really want!IMG_4089IMG_4091IMG_4093IMG_4095IMG_4099

They unfortunately didn’t have any jerseys but I was able to get a great picture of the DDP from above.IMG_4097IMG_7707

We then took the subway back to meet up with the group for delicious Korean BBQ! We stopped by a coffee shop in the subway which had Colombia coffee. I sat with Professor Lee and his Korean colleagues which tested my Korean etiquette. I think I did well!IMG_4104IMG_4105

We then went out to a couple bars in Gagnam, a popular night life strip of Seoul. Good way to end the weekend, now off to bed as we start our lectures tomorrow morning!



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