26 | Call us K-Pop Stars

DAY 14 | January 25

We started the day with a lecture on the economics of the Korean business.IMG_4107

We then walked to a nearby lunch location where we had yet another delicious unique Korean meal!IMG_4108

On the way back to our next lecture, I was able to snap a picture of the view from our classroom.IMG_4109

We then attended a big lecture presented by the Vice President for Entertainment of CJ in Korea. He talked about the success of Korean entertainment and the popularity of K-films, K-pop, and K-dramas. The entertainment business in Korea is very popular due to its large consumer base.IMG_4113IMG_4115IMG_4114

As we were leaving the lecture hall, Jessica pointed out a guy who had a soccer ball so I went up to him and asked him when we could play! We got each other’s information and maybe Wednesday at 6 he said!

After being inspired by the K-pop presentation, we went into a dance studio and learned a full choreographed dance.IMG_4119IMG_4127IMG_4131IMG_4139IMG_7705

Then some of us went into the dining hall for dinner and I managed to do some laundry. We later went to a nearby bar to play darts, then ate at a popular Korean fast food chain and ended the night by playing some pool.IMG_4161IMG_4162IMG_4163IMG_4159IMG_4175IMG_4176IMG_4177IMG_4166




3 thoughts on “26 | Call us K-Pop Stars

  1. Diego Juian! It sounds like you are having such a wonderful time! I’m so happy (and jealous) for you. I love reading these and following you on your journey of a life time, I look forward to hearing more about it! But I find it so fascinating the encounters you have with soccer. You can not understand these people through language but then you understand each other on the field! It’s so incredible and fascinating how sport is something that can be understood across the world.
    Keep doing what you’re doin’ it’s so exciting!


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