27 | Seoul: The Soul of Asia

DAY 15 | January 26

We started the day with breakfast in the cafeteria then off to our lecture on Cross-Cultural Management.IMG_4184IMG_4187

A to go Kimbap box, basically Korean sushi, was brought for lunch in the classroom.IMG_4189

Then we made our way to the bus which took us to the brand new Digital Media City (DMC). Seoul is working towards developing a digital and technology one stop center in the heart of Seoul.IMG_4192IMG_4193IMG_4194IMG_4195IMG_4197IMG_4199

This specific building is meant to provide a space for ideas to flourish and people to collaborate.IMG_4206IMG_4209IMG_4216IMG_4219IMG_4228
After that, we walked and explored more of the DMC and experienced a high tech interactive building.IMG_4229IMG_4231IMG_4232IMG_4233IMG_4236IMG_4238IMG_4239IMG_4240IMG_4245IMG_4251

From here we went to see the entrance to the South Korean president’s living quarters which was by many historical statues and different embassies.IMG_4257IMG_4260IMG_4263IMG_4272IMG_4278IMG_4281

We then made our way to dinner and ate the traditional Chicken Soup and then dessert at one of the many Paris Bauguets here in Seoul.IMG_4282IMG_4283

We then went to the iconic Seoul Tower which had a beautiful view and the distance from the tower of important cities around the world. I took pictures next to cities that were special to me for different reasons💕IMG_4299IMG_4294IMG_4305IMG_4296IMG_4307IMG_4285IMG_4301IMG_4323IMG_4314

Today we got to see a lot more of Seoul which I really enjoyed! At night was the first time in Seoul we stay in. We played cards and ate really spicy noodles… bad idea…IMG_4342IMG_4344




2 thoughts on “27 | Seoul: The Soul of Asia

  1. Wonderful daily updates. I saw your Moraga family. They would like to be on your blog. I do not have their email. Please add them to your list. Thanks Edy

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Waiting to hear all your adventures and experiences.
    We know you enjoy every moment, congratulations this is best form to live.
    a hug.


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