28 | Our Second To Last Night in Asia

DAY 16 | January 27

Today we had an early wake up call so we could take an hour drive to the Kia Motors headquarters.IMG_4347

We received an official presentation from the plant manager and looked around the lobby.IMG_4354IMG_4355IMG_4356IMG_4358IMG_4360IMG_4364IMG_4371

He then took us on a factory tour.IMG_4373IMG_4383IMG_4389

We also got to see the Kia K7 latest model which was released to the domestic market yesterday and got a small gift replica.IMG_4391IMG_4393

We then dive back to Seoul to one of Professor Lee’s favorite restaurants.IMG_4395IMG_4398IMG_4399

We were then given 3 hours free time to shop in the Gangnam area. Some went underground shopping, others walked the streets, others to a bar, and some to grab dessert. Shawn and I went to underground shopping, street shopping, a huge Nike store, and grabbed some dessert. The underground shopping was constantly filled with people as they walked through when they transferred subway stations.IMG_4401IMG_4402IMG_4405IMG_4406

We then drove to the Samsung d’light museum where we got a tour through the very interactive and modern building.IMG_4407IMG_4408IMG_4410

Our tour guide, who spoke Spanish, English, and Korean, led us through the interactive experience which determines our personality and then we can send it to our emails.IMG_4409IMG_4411IMG_4413

Shawn, Jessica, and I went through the experience and got pretty accurate results!IMG_4422IMG_4423IMG_4424IMG_4425IMG_4426IMG_4427IMG_4428

Then we had a brief presentation on Samsung.IMG_4417IMG_4419IMG_4421

We then explored the also interactive store.IMG_4432IMG_4430IMG_4433IMG_4431

Like in China, smoking is very common. Here there are designated areas.IMG_4434

We then made it back to the dorms and changed to go out with a friend of Brent’s that is from Seoul. We ate at an American BBQ place.IMG_4438IMG_4440IMG_4443IMG_4444

We then went bowling at a very cool place.IMG_4445IMG_4446IMG_4448IMG_4456IMG_4461IMG_4462IMG_4465IMG_4466IMG_4478IMG_4482

We then said our kind goodbyes as him and his girlfriend were very hospitable. We then walked down the street and were invited into a bar where I met some cool guys and exchanged some business cards.IMG_4485IMG_4487

The taxi drive home was an adventure as the taxi driver was trying to communicate with us but he knew no English and we knew very limited Korean. There was a moment where he was writing as he was driving to translate.IMG_4492

I am so thankful for this opportunity CAU has provided for us. I cannot believe our closing ceremony is tomorrow.




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