29 | It’s not a goodbye… It’s a “See you later Asia!”

DAY 17 | January 28

We started the day with a a lecture on invitation and strategy of Korean online games taught by Korean famous Jong H. Wi who began a program in a partnership between Korean and California schools where online games are used for educational purposes.IMG_4494

We each had to give a presentation on our ideal online game.IMG_4495IMG_4496IMG_4497IMG_4498IMG_4499IMG_4502IMG_4519IMG_4522

From there we went to our closing ceremony lunch which was full of a variety of foods.IMG_4523IMG_4524IMG_4525IMG_4526IMG_4527IMG_4528

The Vice President for international programs of CAU addressed the audience and then our Professor Lee said a few words.

We were then asked if any students wanted to say a few words and Shane was the first to step up as he summarize the Seoul experience.IMG_4543

Then I was asked to go up to the podium and I accepted as I also had a gift that the Korean students helped me out together for our professors. I spoke about how this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and how thankful we were. Then I presented out gift to professor Lee.IMG_4546IMG_4549

Then Jaeann spoke on behalf of the girls and spoke about the relationship we had built with the Korean students.IMG_4552

We the exchanged gifts, got our certificates, and took pictures.IMG_4556IMG_4574IMG_4596IMG_4602IMG_4603IMG_4608

We were the free to rest for a while and pack but I met someone who plays soccer three days ago and today we were going to play. We took the subway for 30 minutes to get to this park with lights. I got very excited when I saw about 10 people ready to play! We played until 10pm and I loved every second of it!IMG_4611IMG_4614

I then rushed back to campus and changed so we could all go out to the well known Club Mass in Gangnam as it is our last night in Asia! We had a great time and met a lot of people.IMG_4633IMG_4634IMG_4636IMG_4640

We then got back to the dorm at about 4am and still had to pack as we left the next day at 11am!

We all woke said our goodbyes the next morning to the student staff and had some time to explore at the Incheon airport. Shawn and I got money back from the tax refund kiosk, that was a great feeling after spending so much on this trip.

What a eye opening and life changing experience this has been! We are currently about to board the plane for our 10 hour flight back home and I cannot believe I was in Asia for three weeks.

I will upload pictures and some really cool videos to facebook! I also plan on doing a reflection post later this weekend. First, I am excited to go home, eat some Colombian food, catch up with my family, play some good soccer, and see my girlfriend whom I miss terribly!

Thank you all for keeping up with the blog and let me know if you would like to see more pictures and hear about the trip!




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